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tumblestonesA piece of raw crystal that has been ‘tumbled’ around inside a metal canister for a period of 72 hours or more until it is smooth and feels like a pebble. The most common form of crystal as they are easily held in the palm, slipped under a pillow or popped in a pocket.

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  1. Cherry Blackmore

    Tumblestones often bear a “softened” form of that crystal’s energy; they make excellent introductions to the properties of any given crystal. Some can be found which could equally well classify as palmstones: I have three Rose Quartzes, a Rainbow Fluorite, two Snowflake Obsidians and a Red Creek Jasper which are all tumblestones, but all are at least 3cm × 2cm (the Fluorite is over 5cm × 5cm) which, for my hand size, equates to a palm stone.

    Tumblestones are, with the exception of my beautiful step-faceted pendant, my favourite form of Rose Quartz. There’s something extra comforting about the feel of a smooth, polished Rose Quartz when you’re struggling against any kind of pain.

    Love and Light.

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