This is an absolutely stunning Gemstone Blue Kyanite bracelet set in really thick Sterling Silver. It is adjustable and has the most amazing energy. If I didn’t have a Blue Kyanite bracelet already, this would be on my wrist….lol  There are 8, thick, faceted gems approx 10mm x 7mm each. All are a vibrant Royal Blue with sparkly streaks through them. This is the highest quality available and I’ve knocked the VAT off the price & discounted as much as able, making it a bargain!

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Also called St. Michael’s sword, connecting to Arch Angel Michael.  Blue Kyanite is balancing, calming, soothing and pulls our chakras slowly into alignment.  That alignment is likely to throw up any issues that are causing the imbalance, so Kyanite is a crystal I’d recommend using consciously.  Blue Kyanite promotes psychic ability and honest communication on all levels. Kyanite only ever gives off positive energy. Blue Kyanite creates a bridge between us and all things spiritual. I wear it a lot at work as it keeps my mind clear & connected, my speech honest & compassionate, my body protected and in perfect alignment.

Approx stone size 1cm (10mm) long X 0.7cm (7mm) wide. Adjustable length 17-20cm (170-200mm). You will receive the bracelet in the photograph.


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