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Bustamite – RARE – Item A


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This is a lovely, polished piece of the quite rare and very expensive Bustamite! I adore this crystal as it simply fills me with joy and makes me smile. Not so happy about the price tag, but it’s so rare that we find this mineral, it’s just one I bite the bullet on and am glad I did. It reminds me to find the joy and gratitude in life that is always there if we take the time to look and notice the little things 😉

On a physical level, Bustamite is said to stimulate the circulatory system, so is good for circulation and headaches caused by a weak circulatory system or high blood pressure, the endocrine system and also stimulates both the root/base and sacral chakras. It is said to be good for healing sexual dysfunction. Bustamite balances the chakras, brings joy, eliminates blocks and releases emotional baggage, particularly that due to things that happened to us during childhood. I would use this stone in combination with Thulite and/or Dioptase if I were working to heal from severe childhood or sexual trauma.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.8cm (28mm) long X 1.6cm (16mm) wide.

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