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Different Energies – Crystals

As a crystal therapist for over 2 decades, I came to realise that on occasion, crystals would turn on or off for no apparent reason. One day they would have a lot of energy, on other days, I could hardly feel anything. The business would sell nothing of one particular crystal for months, then sell out of it in one weekend. I began to notice patterns and cycles of how crystals were working and knew something had to be affecting them in specific ways. This discovery has sparked an ongoing, life-long  exploration of astronomy, astrology and our Universe. The planets, Earth, Sun, Moon and human beings all impact how crystals vibrate…………..and if thats the case, then all of these same things affect how we vibrate.

My energy blogs over the coming months will explore various forms of energy and how they affect us differently – and boy have I had some strange experiences!

I’m also going to magic up a Monthly Energy Forecast to provide you with a good idea of what’s happening each month and how to work with those particular energies. I’ll attempt to combine science with magic, to balance fact with intuition and the masculine with the feminine – because we are all of these things and more.

“It is the very error of the moon,” wrote Shakespeare in Othello. “She comes more near the earth than she was wont, and makes men mad.”

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Read the August Energy Forecast here.

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