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Sunset Sodalite Sphere – 70mm ~ Item C

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This is a gorgeous, polished sphere of Sunset Sodalite. The energy is vibrant and cleansing, with each piece having it’s own, unique pattern. These spheres pack a punch. I’m not the biggest fan, but the quality/energy/patterning are out of this World and they really shouted to come with me.

Sunset Sodalite creates an energy that stimulates our mind, our ability to communicate and our sense of confidence/self esteem. It is a stone of honesty and seeing positive solutions. Sodalite is said to aid our intuition and I believe it does this by bringing strong, calm, rational energy to our mind, allowing us to become more aware and in control of our mental thought patterns (a great meditation ally!). This brings clarity, which in turn creates the space for us to hear what our intuition is trying to tell us. The Sunset element boosts our solar plexus energy, so we trust and feel more confident about any intuitive information we receive. On a physical level, Sunset Sodalite is said to be good for panic attacks, the nervous system, the stomach, digestion, digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohns Disease and anxiety.

To read my informative blog on Sunset Sodalite, please Click Here.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph, which comes with a display stand. Approx 7cm (70mm) long X 7cm (70mm) wide.



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