K2 Stone Earrings ~ Item B


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This is a gorgeous pair of drop earrings in K2 Stone, set in thick Sterling Silver. Impossible to find two stones that match, but I think the jeweller did an amazing job with these 🙂

K2 Stone works primarily on the upper chakras of the Throat, Third Eye and Crown. It is said to soothe the nervous system, release stress and calm the mind. K2 Stone is special because it grounds spiritual information & awareness into our every day reality. It brings us insight & intuition that leave us in little doubt of the right direction or decision to take. K2 Stone can open our mind to receive higher awareness and information and aids communication on all levels.

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Approx stone size 1.5cm (15mm) long x 1.0cm (10mm) wide.


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