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Iolite Pendant – Polished – Item A


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A stunning, polished Iolite pendant that is crystal clear, full of sparkle and rainbows and has the most beautiful energy I’ve felt from Iolite in a long time. This is my ‘go to’ stone when I need to keep my head level and focused. These pieces are all extremely high grade and a deep, dark Indigo blue colour, which is very hard to capture in a photograph. The pendant is a darker blue in reality as the flash washes some of the colour out of the photo.

Iolite’s energy is gentle and slow moving, but extremely effective. As it works on the mind & communication, a lot of people don’t want a really strong, fast, huge energy hitting them on that level. If you like to remain in control, work things through, think slowly – but need to change how jumbled up and confused your thoughts are, or are lacking in confidence, then this pendant is perfect.

Iolite balances the Male and Female aspects of ones life and can help us to become more of a “whole person” or more “harmonious” as a result. Iolite helps one to live in and enjoy the moment, releasing discord from life. It increases imagination and helps to develop intuitive creativity. Iolite is an extremely powerful meditative and healing stone. It has long been used on the Third Eye Chakra point to assist during guided meditations and for undergoing astral travel experiences and is said to stimulate visions.

Approx 1.9cm (19mm) long X 1.5cm (15mm) wide.  You will receive the pendant in the photograph.

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