Krissy Hodges 
Healing – Transformation – Empowerment 

Golden Sapphire

Colour : Golden Yellow
Chakra : Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Physical : Digestive System, IBS, stomach,
Spiritual : Sapphires are crystals that open us up on many levels. Golden or Yellow Sapphire in particular are happy, joyful stones. They open us up to the world of prosperity, abundance, manifestation and creativity. Golden or Yellow Sapphires connect the Solar Plexus to the Throat and mind so we feel confident to speak our truth and have a strong sense of willpower and of ourselves. It is a fantastic brainstorming crystal, opening our mind up to a myriad of possibilities and then drawing that energy into the Solar Plexus so we can take action and manifest our dreams. A motivational, happy, prosperous crystal.

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