Hemmimorphite ~ Natural/Rough ~ RARE ~ Item C


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This is a rough piece of Hemmimorphite, straight as it comes out of the ground. It’s got a really interesting energy as emotionally and physically, it soothes really quickly! There is something very feminine and calming about it’s energy. Great mineral to work with when accessing our divine feminine and wanting to stand in our power or clear any old emotional or mental debris that get in the way of that.

Hemmimorphite is excellent for connecting to Spirit and receiving information from other realms. It is a powerful crystal for opening and clearing higher chakras. Hemmimorphite calms the emotional system, bringing forgiveness, release of resentment or anger and the healing of karmic ties between people. On a physical level, it is excellent for PMS, hormonal related problems and mood swings. An extremely good emotional and heart healer.

Approx 3.7cm (37mm) long X 3.0cm (30mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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