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Lizardite ~ Kundalini & Soul Connection

Lizardite is a really cool and unusual energy to work with. Also known as Orthoantigotite (Ortho-anti-go-tite), it’s a rare form of Serpentine that was first discovered in 1955 on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. The Lizardite I sell is sourced ethically, by hand, from Cornwall and Scotland as the energy is really rich, yet […]

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Barite (Baryte) ~ A Crystal of Blissful Connection

Barite (formerly known as Baryte) is both an individual crystal and the title of a group of crystals. Most of the Barite group have a very ethereal, angelic, high vibration and draw in feelings of blissfulness and deep connection. The name Barite is derived from the word ‘heavy’ in Greek. Although Barite contains the heavy metal Barium, it

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