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There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self ~ Aldous Huxley

At the end of 2009, I was advised that individuals would start to come to me for very personal, spiritual self-development sessions. This made sense as during crystal workshops, I often felt the desire to take just one person aside and work with them on a deeper level, which isn’t possible in a group setting.

Personal & Spiritual self-development is exactly that. A whole day focused entirely on you – where you’ve come from, where you are now and where you need to go. It is a powerful tool for guidance, support and self love.

The day runs from approximately 10am until 4pm with a break for lunch. During this time, all areas of your life are explored using:


  • A ‘Key of Life’ tarot reading starts off the day. This is a deeply empowering reading that looks at all aspects of your life here and now. If there are any blocks, patterns, issues or challenges going on in your life, this reading will reveal the core issues & patterns and provide methods with which to change  your life. It truly is that powerful.
  • I’ll take a good look at your personal natal chart and astrology for the year ahead. The planets affect us all on general levels, but this reading takes an in-depth look at what astrological influences will enter your life over the coming year, both positive and negative, so you’ll know what to expect.
  • quoteA psychometric test is given to look at what your archetypal psychology is, in order to find your true vocation in life. This ensures you are walking a fulfilling path that is true to your soul’s purpose and tests whether your Spirit and ‘human’ self are in unison.
  • A mini-crystal workshop is tailored to your specific experience. Whether you are completely new to crystals or have a vast range of experience, this workshop will enlighten, educate and confirm your personal way of working with crystals.
  • The crystal workshop is followed by experimenting to find out what your particular spiritual gift is. We all have our own intuition, but each of us has an individual twist. Some of us are auditory, some visual, others, like myself, are empathic and sensory. We all work in different ways and the latter part of our day together will be exploring how you work and how that skill can be developed. If there is time, or you’d prefer, you can have a crystal healing therapy treatment. My therapy treatments are simple, but extremely powerful ~ all they require from the client is to relax on a comfy, fluffy healing bed for half an hour. There are many options to the day – we’ll discuss beforehand exactly what you’re looking for and build the day around your expectations and needs.
  • The end of the day is rounded up with any other questions or avenues you wish to explore.


I have a vast range of experience in many areas including mediumship, psychic ability, psychology, channelling, animal totems, ascended masters, angels, creativity through Spirit, spiritual counselling, relationships, parenting, past lives, spirit guides, tarot reading, crystal therapy, colour therapy, reiki and much more.

The cost of the day is only £150. I have raised my prices slightly for the first time since 2012, simply because the cost of materials for the folder, ink, paper postage etc. have tripled in that time. The astrology readings are now much more in depth as I’ve gained a vast amount of new experience & knowledge over the past four years. Given that spiritual counsellors in London charge between £70-£125 per HOUR, a day with me is a bargain and you’ll most definitely get your money’s worth!

Personal Development Days take place at my home in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in a very informal and relaxed setting. I live on the edge of the Peak District and if the weather is nice, we can even have our lunch outside, in the sunshine on the decking. All that is required on the day is comfortable clothes and a packed lunch. There are plenty of drinks and snacks on hand here.

I’m also happy to travel to you. This incurs a 25p per mile diesel cost on top of the fee for the day. I only charge what I have to pay to travel.  If you would love to spend a day together, but can’t quite afford it, please do drop me a line as we could arrange a half-day, we could look at another form of exchange or I am happy to take instalments. Please don’t let money be a factor that holds you back 🙂

Three hours of my time are required before we spend the day together to prepare everything and study your astrology. Another 3-4 hours are required after the day to interpret all of the information that came up during our time together, to type it all up and to put your folder together.

A classy, A4 folder will sent on to you via post with full colour copies of everything we discuss and reveal during the day. This is a working tool that will guide you through the coming year and is created in such a way that you can look back at any time and see what the next steps are. It should also negate the need for any other readings or guidance in the year ahead year as there are no aspects of your life that will be left unexplored. Your personal file will contain:

  • The Osho Zen Tarot Reading
  • Natal Chart & Astrology Reading
  • Psychometric Test Results & Conclusions
  • Mini-Crystal Workshop
  • Crystal Healing & Results
  • Spiritual Development ~ Your Gift ~ What is Your Gift, How can you Use & Develop It?
  • Any Other Information Discussed & Overall Conclusions

Most good workshops cost, on average, £60-£100 over a weekend. Most good treatments or in depth readings cost £40-60. My personal self-development day offers 6 different sections that are tailored specifically to your individual and authentic self. Some people feel it would be too much to experience all of that in one day, but having spent a lot of days with people from all walks of life, I can truly say it’s easy, inspiring, comfortable and fun!

The days are strongly led by Spirit, with a flurry of synchronicities and coincidences. I am on hand as part of your support network afterwards, whether you just need someone to listen, some additional advice or to to gain an outsiders perspective. The only thing I ask is that you are open minded, open hearted, willing to be honest and work on a deep level.  The object of the day is to promote healing, to facilitate forward movement & motivation and to clear your heart, mind and spirit. If you’re stuck, we’ll get you moving…..if you’re unsure, we’ll give you direction.  You will leave our day together full of knowledge, energy, positive energy, empowerment and a strong idea of what lies ahead. Oh….and a HUGE SMILE 🙂

Please contact me via mobile on 07881 576228, via email, via the contact page on the website or see me at an event for a chat.

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure not this thing nor that, but simply growth.  We are happy when we are growing ~ William Butler Yeats

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Cosmic Cuddles
Krissy Hodges  XXX


In an effort to understand a misbehaving piece of Black Tourmaline, I came across Krissy’s site and believe that the Universe was behind it all! Krissy was so generous with her knowledge in response to that first Black Tourmaline query, that I wanted to know more. The more I found out, the more I knew that a one-to-one personal development day with Krissy would be the best gift I could give to myself. 

I was so thrilled with that day; in the five hours I spent with Krissy, I had personal, in depth, tarot and astrology readings. I also worked with crystals and had a crystal healing session. All aspects of the day were phenomenally insightful, inspiring and deeply helpful. I learned – and am still learning – so much from Krissy’s wisdom, knowledge and perceptiveness.

Krissy is a truly genuine person. She is warm, witty, honest and kind and she has incredible powers of intuition and understanding – a true connection with both the universe and the human condition. 
I know that in Krissy I have found a guide for life and will definitely be meeting with her again. I recommend time with Krissy to everyone! It’s life-changing.  Janey, Surrey, 2017 
Krissy instantly made me feel at ease and has a wonderful, grounded, but uplifting energy about her. She is clearly an extremely attuned and insightful being, but has her feel firmly on the ground too.  My day with Krissy provided much clarification and many insights. I left feeling more confident of my path and less fearful of what direction I should take.  Her genuinely caring, loving and supportive nature made me feel comfortable and reassured.  The tarot reading proved to be very accurate and totally pertinent to what was and has been going on in my life.  I loved the astrological  birth chart and accompanying explanation. It has proved to be bang on and has really supported me in the subsequent months since seeing Krissy, in giving me reassurance when I have felt lost, confused or wobbly.  The work with crystals was both informative and elucidating.  I highly recommend the day workshop with her as it really helped me to re- tune into myself and see the gifts and talents that I have often doubted.  Lucy, 2016
I first met Krissy at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair at Chester Racecourse and immediately felt at ease in her company. After buying a few crystals, I never imagined I would be seeing her again. However, I followed Krissy’s Serendipity Crystals page on Facebook and was always reading her posts and blogs. Little did I realise she offered Spiritual Development Days.
Out of the blue one day, Krissy kept popping into my head. Therefore, I visited her website and read about the Development Day she offered. I felt it was the right time and exactly what I was looking for. So I booked in and travelled to Krissy’s home. What a lovely little home it is too! 
The day was relaxed and very personal to me. We covered so much from Zen Tarot to Astrology, from exploring my intuition to focusing on my path ahead.  I would recommend anyone wanting a bit of clarity and guidance to go and see Krissy. The day is extremely thorough and you do cover a lot, but it was all relevant to me at that time. There are not many days where you get the opportunity to spend the whole day with such a gifted and spiritual lady. The day teaches you about you and supports you on your journey. I loved the file Krissy prepared for me afterwards too, this is kept in my cupboard and referred to when I need a little reminder of where I’m heading.
Krissy is an inspiration and I can’t thank her enough for her support and guidance. I would highly recommend this day to anyone, it’s a journey in itself! I left feeling empowered and energetically ready for what was coming next. Thanks a million Krissy, lots of love and wishes xx   Carrie, 2016

Standing at the beginning of a  – literally and figural speaking –  new life, it was a perfect time to take new inner steps as well. I treated myself to Kristy’s Spiritual Development day and I loved the experience. The energy throughout the whole day was amazing. And so was Kristy, with her reading, spiritual knowledge and her work with the gemstones. Kristy helped make an immediate difference and therefore was an essential step in my process of becoming all I can be.   Esther, 2014


What an amazing day I spent with Krissy. The Personal Development course covered so much and I experienced the most powerful crystal healing ever! The whole day was very deep, very profound and very personal and specific to me. The tarot reading was extremely emotional and confirmed what I have always known in my heart as to why I am here.

Since that day, I have been having physical releasing symptoms, especially around the throat chakra which, interestingly, Krissy had been guided to leave alone whilst doing the crystal healing. I will conquer my challenges in this lifetime, thank you so much for your help on my path Krissy 🙂  Jenny Collins, 2011


I spent the most wonderful time with Krissy on the Personal Development & Empowerment day. The time I spent within the lovely energy of Krissy’s home was extremely calming and insightful and I Ieft feeling both balanced and excited! A must for anyone who is looking for direction.

With the combined healing, I felt it was the perfect choice for me at that moment in time. Krissy also supplied a lovely light lunch and lots of calming herbal tea, which was great for me as I suffer from many food intolerances. I received my folder just a few days later that had everything we covered on the day, plus more, to keep and read at my leisure. All in all, a truly fantastic experience. Thank you Krissy.  Alison Gates, 2011


I thoroughly enjoyed a thought provoking, intuitive, self-development day with Krissy. A very perceptive lady who made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The range of therapies and readings used complimented each other perfectly, to provide me with valuable insight into the next stage of my personal journey.  An enlightening experience that I would highly recommend!  Rosemary Saunders, 2010



  1. Diane says:

    Holy cow. Wish I lived closer I’ld love to do this

    • Its possible to do Skype sessions. Three 2hr sessions on 3 different days because our butt’s would get sore sitting at a computer for a whole day…. lol 😉

  2. Hi Kirsty ,
    I would be interested in your spiritual development sessions ..I don’t live in the uk so it would have to be facetiae or Skype .Ive just started out on my spiritual journey and a new phase in my life journey .
    Thanking you in advance for your help .
    Kind regards

  3. Balvinder rani says:

    Hi my name is Bally can u get in touch with me thank u

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