Soul Star Healing with Krissy & Jo

Soul Star Healing with Krissy & Jo

Soul Star Healing is a divine, feminine collaboration between myself, Krissy Hodges and Jo Elmes.

Jo and I have worked with each other since 2018. Jo was my Practitioner for the incredible healing modality, Experiential Healing. IMHO, this is still the most effective healing modality I’ve experienced to date. It is one of the only healing modalities I’ve tried out of 100s that has been able to simultaneously heal both my psychology AND emotions, which then resulted in a lot of physical healing for me personally. There is a powerful link between our body, mind and emotions. The energy of emotional trauma in held in our cells! When we clear one aspect, it tends to have a positive impact on the others. When we clear two aspects simultaneously, that energy releases fully from the physical body as we are healed permanently on a cellular level, across all timelines & dimensions.

Jo is what I would call a trauma & inner child specialist and she does it from the deepest depth of her Heart. It took my inner child a loooooong time to trust Jo as to be frank, my inner child didn’t trust anyone. However, Jo was always there. Calm, stable, compassionate, wise, yet incredibly strong when parts of me lashed out in fear or anger. I felt safe, which for me, is half the battle when it comes to opening up and being vulnerable.

We went on to crew large, spiritual awareness events in London together for several years and from February 2021, Jo held a healing space for 20 amazing people who were willing to go all in and dive into a deep healing commitment for an entire year! I was blessed to work 1-2-1 with every participant and their astrology, which was a brilliant experience. I must admit, I still get a thrill when people look at me in wonder and ask ‘How can you know all this about me when we’ve never even met?’ When this lovely healing group ended in February 2022, Jo and I both felt a sadness at not working together anymore and within one telephone conversation, Soul Star Healing was born.

Jo & I are now bringing our very unique, powerful skill sets together to create an empowering, deeply transformative healing package. Our ethos is to bring people awareness & acceptance about themselves, their lives, their experiences, their wounds and the ability to transform anything that isn’t working for them. We are focusing on the issues that most of our clients have shown up with over the years. Some are very human problems, some are more spiritual and related to our Soul and it’s decision to be alive at this time. Each area is deeply important in our lives, but we are all different people with different priorities and that must be honoured. The four main areas we will cover are:

  • Love & Relationships
  • Money, Abundance & Career
  • Core Wound/Saboteur/Shadow
  • Soul Purpose/Past Lives/Karmic Influences

Love & Relationships

Astrology can tell us how we love, how we best relate to another & the sort of partner we’d bond deeply or feel most comfortable with. It also highlights any cycles, patterns or lessons we are here to learn in our relationships, empowering us to release, acknowledge or work with these energies to find true love in our lives. This not only relates to our relationship with a partner, but also our relationships with friends and family members, as well as ourselves. Through working hard on opening our own hearts and healing our own relationship with ourselves and others, Jo and I have a wealth of experience in freeing ourselves from the past. We have done the work to move out of mistrust & wounding and now have beautiful relationships in our lives that support and champion us.

Money, Abundance & Career

Astrology can pinpoint, in accurate detail, our weaknesses & strengths around our finances. Are we better at handling other people’s money or our own? Where in life would we find the most abundance & financial growth? What gets in the way of us living our best & most lucrative lives? Astrology can answer all of these questions & more. Again, Jo and I have both had to work through feelings of unworthiness or scarcity around money and what we feel we deserve in life. Jo has built her healing practice from the ground up over the past few years, whilst Serendipity Crystals is now in it’s 17th year, which is remarkable for a holistic business ~ particularly one that has been taken through a recession and more recently, much economic instability in the World. We are thriving because we have the awareness of our weaknesses & strengths around money and how we can best be of service ~ and we have worked on clearing anything that gets in the way of our living an abundant, successful life.

Core Wound/Saboteur/Shadow

Astrology is one of the only modalities that can detail, in depth, the specifics of our Core Wound. All of us are born with a Core Wound and most of us experience things during childhood that beds it deeply into our human consciousness. Common Core Wounds are ‘No one is there for me’, ‘I don’t know who I am’, ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘I don’t want to be seen’. This information allows us to transform any feelings of wounding, feeling like we aren’t good enough, that no one is there for us or simply not knowing how or why we feel wounded in the way that we do. All of us also have a Saboteur/Shadow within our psychology. Astrology can tell us why this part of our mind exists and, more importantly, how we can work with our Saboteur/Shadow to no longer be in fear or act in ways that sabotage our life and relationships. Jo and I have trained in different modalities regarding our Core Wound/Saboteur/Shadow, but have discovered that they work beautifully in tandem with each other. We’ve dived deeply into our own Shadow, work daily on being mindful of our Saboteur and are gentle with ourselves when things come up around our Core Wound ~ because we know what we’re dealing with and have clarity on what action to take. Many people are afraid of their Shadow, yet I can promise you that what’s hidden in our ‘Shadow’ are parts of ourselves that are actually gifted or beautiful, bringing nothing, but light into our lives once they are finally acknowledged and set free.

Soul Purpose/Past Lives/Karmic Influences

Astrology is the most accurate & informative way to discover how to clear karma from our past lives. This raises our frequency & quality of this lifetime considerably. Astrology also tells us exactly what our Soul is here to experience and more importantly, how it wishes to experience life. Many feel their Soul Purpose is about what they do for a living, but that isn’t always the case as there are many other Purposes outside of having a career. For example, some lucky Souls are just here to have fun, others to experience emotional support & stability, some to be a leader, others to be a parent. Discovering how your Soul wants to live life and what it wants to experience is SO empowering. Jo and I both have a lot of experience in working with the energy of past lives, karma and in helping people to align fully with their Soul Purpose. When we move into this alignment, our lives simply get better & better! This particular area often covers our spiritual development too, so we gain awareness around what types of energy or which modalities work best for us.

Soul Star Healing ~ General

Once you have chosen & signed up for one or more of the areas detailed above, your healing journey begins with astrology. Upon sign up, you will receive a confirmation of booking with my email address in it. Simply email your time, date and place of birth details to me as soon as you receive the confirmation. If you don’t have your time of birth, there is a small, extra charge for ascertaining this as it can be quite complicated to work out, but I have done so many times. Please drop me a message via the contact link at the top of the website if you feel drawn to work with us, but don’t have an exact time of birth.

As soon as I receive your details, I will start to create your unique, personal astrology reading. This will be a written document that will is emailed to you within two weeks of booking. These are a lot deeper & more personal than people are used to receiving from an astrologer as I work with a chart technically first, before creating your reading intuitively.

Once you’ve absorbed the reading and are ready, the next step is to book a Zoom call with both myself & Jo. Please give me a ring or drop me a line with days/times that suit and I’ll book you in. Jo and I will hold a beautiful, safe, light space to discuss your astrology and the main issues that are troubling you. This will last approximately 45 minutes.

At the end of that call, you will then book a further, private session with Jo that will take place over the telephone. Jo will take you through a session of Experiential Healing that will bring deep self awareness, healing, release and empowerment. We will check in with you a few days after all sessions are completed and both of us are on hand should you need any further support.

A single package will span approximately four weeks, whilst the full package covering all four areas will span 12-16 weeks, depending on your availability.


Each individual package is priced at £222 which includes three different healing aspects. Your unique/personal Astrology reading, a joint session together with myself & Jo and then a private session with Jo.

All four packages can be booked together for £777, saving £111 off the whole package price.

Please click on the below link if you’d like to book in with us. We absolutely cannot wait to start empowering people to live happier, more successful, more vibrant, authentic lives!

With love, Krissy xxx



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