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Sharing the Joy – Bear’s Arrival

OK, I know my website is all about spiritual guidance, crystals, development etc. etc. etc.  But this I HAVE TO blog about because there is so much love and joy in my heart, am going to burst if it isn’t expressed!

13 year’s ago, when I was living in the Middle East, my partner & I imported a gorgeous boxer puppy as our son’s first birthday present. My dream had always been to have a family dog that the kids grew up with, a dog that was an integral part of our family and lifestyle. However, living in a foreign country is often marred with difficulty and uncertainty. To cut a long story short, after 2 years, my partner’s company went bankrupt and we had to return to the UK. There was no way I could put our Boxer in quarantine as he wouldn’t have lasted the six months. He is a highly strung, giddy, emotional dog and to cage him for that long would’ve been cruel. So with great sadness, I rehomed him with a lovely American family and he is treated like a king!

That was over a decade ago and since then, my heart has pined for canine company. Home just isn’t ‘home’ to me without a dog! However, as a single mum, running her own business, travelling all over the UK, it just wasn’t possible to have a dog.  Until now 🙂

Whilst in Spain on holiday this summer, mum pointed out a dog/cat rescue group and from that point on, I knew I wanted to rescue a dog. There are so many desperate for homes, buying a particular breed whilst so many puppies sat desperately in shelters or worse just left me cold.

So I started looking. Nearly took on one pup, but didn’t feel it was right as work was crazy busy at the time. Decided to wait until my low season in December………. but, then I saw Bear.


It was love at first sight! There was just something in his eyes, I could see his little soul and knew he was supposed to live with us.  Bear’s name was given to him by his foster mum, but to me it was an omen.  Bear was my first totem animal, the first to walk with me in the Dreamtime and help guide me toward a spiritual path in life. Its also been a totem for my mum, so although Bear may sound a strange name for a dog, it suits him. Bear simply……….

So the process began to adopt him from Spain. I also had to completely re-work my diary and commitments and call on the help of family in order to cope with the work load, whilst at the same time giving a new pup everything he needs and constant care to settle in.  Several weeks later, on Friday 1st November 2013, Bear was delivered by the lovely Spanish charities Actin Spain & For the Love of Dogs & Cats.

After 48hrs in a van travelling, our little bundle of fluff arrived! Well….not so little (hes a large cross breed), but definitely all over with the fluff! Bear stumbled out of the van, put his paws on English soil and slowly wandered up to me with his tail wagging, cuddled into my side and put his head on my leg. Awwwww doesn’t even begin to describe it 😉  

I can’t tell you how excited and happy its made me. Being responsible for Bear makes me stop work, put everything down and spend time loving and playing…. we go for long walks, even in the howling wind and rain! The house is messier, muddier and we’ve not quite got sleeping through the night sorted yet (currently asking Santa for a caffeine IV), but its all good 😉   Bear is such a soft, gentle little man ~ but so clever, loving, cuddly, funny & downright charming.

A pure, open, amazing soul ~ giving this beautiful boy a home has brought me home. It was simply meant to be 🙂

Please comment below if you’ve got any of your own canine rescue or joyful stories, I’d love to hear them ~ after all, we are all part of that intrinsic web of love and sharing. Have a fantastic day 🙂

Lots of love




4 thoughts on “Sharing the Joy – Bear’s Arrival”

  1. I agree. A home is not a home without a big wet, muddy, giddy, loving, hungry, needy, giving, adorable dog shaped companion. Or two. And then there’s the cats……. 🙂

    1. YES!! They’re currently having a ‘fur off’ – not sure which is going to deposit more all over the house 😉

  2. Bear is adorable and so blessed to get cuddles and wet kisses yesterday!! He is so good too! He is blessed to have you as his Mummy as much as I am to have you as a friend!! x

    1. Ditto, right back at you – funny how all these comments come through as Anonymous – but I know who you are…mwah..ha..haaa 😉 Big hugs xxxx

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