This is a stunning piece of natural Zincite. Each piece is unique and you will be drawn to the one that can help you the most.

If you’d like to read my informative blog on Zincite, please Click Here.

Zincite is said to work a cellular level and on our DNA, it eases menopause symptoms and heals the endocrine system. Zincite stimulates and enhances creativity, is excellent for manifestation, boosts sexual energy, aids passion and clears energy blocks. It is a very powerful fire stone and I’d recommend working with it slowly, in short bursts, particularly where manifestation is concerned as Zincite enhances our visualisation and emotional energy….so we must be very careful what we wish for when using it. It really is one of the most energising crystals I’ve worked with.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2.1cm (21mm) long X 1.5cm (15mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher shipping, but this piece is delicate so must post in a box at small parcel rate. If your package arrives and has cost under £3.50 to post, please let us know and I’ll issue an immediate postage refund. We try and check each parcel receipt once the post office has sent them, but just in case any slip through, please also check your end as we really don’t want to earn anything on postage. Thank you.


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