Vanadinite Earrings ~ RARE ~ Item B


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I am so excited to have these earrings in stock! They are a powerhouse of energy, creativity and motivation! Natural Vanadinite pieces set in thick Sterling Silver. A truly unusual piece of jewellery!

Vanadinite is a difficult crystal to source, let alone find in jewellery. My supplier has created this jewellery range exclusively. If you want to ignite the lower chakras and get moving in your life, this is the crystal for you!

Vanadinite is said to stimulate our Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, bringing confidence, motivation, creativity, energy and passion. If you’ve felt stagnant, stuck or undecided, this crystal gets you going in the right direction. It demands that we take action and is a really good ‘kick up the bum’ stone.  It is excellent for writers, stimulating the brain so thoughts become more organised & focused.  On a physical level, it is said to be good for the lungs, respiratory disorders, circulation and blood. Can’t express how energising this mineral is!

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Approx stone size 1.2cm (12mm) long X 1.1cm (11mm) wide.


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