Tremolite ~ Polished ~ Item A


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This is a polished piece of Tremolite that has the most beautiful, soft energy. These pieces are really dreamy and affect me in ways that are hard to explain. It’s like I open up on the inside and go deep within, even though that can be on quite far out journeys?

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Tremolite helps us to maintain focus, expand conciousness and remain present during meditation, without feeling ‘spacey’. Excellent for respiratory diseases and oxygenates the blood. Tremolite aids access to higher knowledge and promotes tranquility and calm. It is a peaceful, serene crystal. Good for healers to use after clearing negativity from the physical or auric bodies. Also good for those who need to be a little more earth connected, without being grounded.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.5cm (35mm) long X 2.8cm (28mm) wide.


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