Sunshine Aura Quartz Cluster ~ Item A ~ Triple Tantric Twin!


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This is stunning cluster of Sunshine Aura Quartz. I have never seen a piece where all three main points are Tantric Twins. It’s amazing and the clarity and energy are fabulous! It also has an Isis face, Windows and Timelines so this piece is a a working tool and it would be interesting to see if each of the three points represents a different relationship or aspect of relationship either to others or with ourselves. Please refer to the Crystal Formations section of the website for more information on any special attributes Here.

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Sunshine Aura has a beautiful energy that resonates strongly with our solar plexus. It encourages us to look at how we take responsibility for our own happiness instead of placing it on others. Sunshine Aura promotes self confidence, good self esteem, trust in ourselves and others and is a stone of joy, happiness and love of life. Sunshine Aura is inspiring, connecting us to our power of creativity and encouraging us to bring those ideas out into the open. I can’t help, but smile when working with Sunshine Aura. Pebbles of Sunshine Aura are great to keep on a pocket and take with us on a regular basis. Larger clusters can be used in manifestation grids or crystal body layouts. Place near the solar plexus or sacral chakra.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 5.3cm (53mm) long X 3.8cm (38mm) wide. Apologies for the higher postage, but this piece must be sent in a box to protect it. If your package arrives and the postage has cost £3 or under, please contact me for an immediate refund on the difference. Thank you 🙂




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