Staurolite (Fairy Cross) Pendant ~ Item A


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This is a gorgeous piece of Staurolite with a clear brown cross set in shimmery matrix and thick Sterling Silver. I have never seen classy jewellery in this mineral before. The energy is amazing!

Staurolite is an unusual mineral that strongly supports our very lowest and highest chakras at the same time, ensuring we are grounded and connected. It is said to be excellent for healing, for releasing smoking addiction, cleansing & detoxing. It is a stone alignment & harmony with your highest good. Staurolite is a fantastic crystal for those who can appear self-centered, egotistical, confrontational or anti-social or for dealing with someone with those issues. This mineral works deeply to bring our human selves into alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Approx 3.6cm (36mm) long X 2.0cm (20mm) wide from tip of bail to bottom of pendant. You will receive the pendant in the photograph.


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