This is a gorgeous, extremely high grade piece of Spirit Quartz. These pieces have amazing energy and some gorgeous points with tons of clustered druzy crystals all over. Spirit Quartz is also known as Fairy or Cactus Quartz and these pieces come from South Africa. Spirit Quartz has a lovely, fizzy, expansive energy and it’s been at least 5-6 years since I’ve seen such high quality pieces that truly sparkle & shine with such excellent clarity.

Spirit Quartz is an excellent all round healing crystal that is said to ease pain. A crystal of alignment and harmony, Spirit Quartz assists us in integrating all the different energies of the self on all levels. It helps those who are shy in social situations to feel more confident and able to communicate their authentic self. Spirit Quartz has a magical, elemental feel to it ~ it makes me want to be outside in the garden on a warm summer’s evening, watching butterflies and faeries playing in the light of the sun’s rays 🙂 This piece also has the added benefit of being Amethyst, so heightens our intuition and opens the third eye.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4.5cm (45mm) long X 2cm (20mm) wide.


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