This is a gorgeous, grounding, sparkly piece of Specular Hematite. This piece is as it comes, straight from the ground. It has a lovely energy, no where near as heavily grounding as Hematite itself ~ which is good for those who are sensitive to strong energy 🙂 This is a rough piece, so is covered in sparkly residue ~ they usually cover this crystal in a clear resin to stop the sparkly powder from going all over the place, but I love it! It’s really beautiful in it’s natural state.

On a physical level, Specular Hematite is said to be good for the circulatory system as it cleanses and energises blood. It dissolves negative states of mind and being and grounds high vibrational energies. Specular Hematite assists with memory and mental development as well as focus and concentration. It is a fabulous stone students. On a spiritual level, some say it connects us to the angelic realms.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.9cm (69mm) long X 3.5cm (35mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this is a large piece that must be well packaged.


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