Spectrolite Labradorite Pendant ~ RARE ~ Item A


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This is a stunning, Spectrolite Labradorite pendant set in thick Sterling Silver. Some rare specimens of Labradorite display a full spectrum of colours, not only violet, blue and green; but also yellow, orange and red. These rare specimens have been given the name spectrolite. Spectrolite can be found in both Finland and Madagascar. These pendants are Finnish, so the base is very dark, which is why the colours appear so brightly.  This piece is highly unusual and I’ve photographed from two angles so the full colour flash can be seen, although it’s still almost impossible to capture all of the colours and flash in a photograph. These pendants simply sing with energy and seem to have layers of colour and shimmer, I love them! 🙂

Labradorite is a magical, protective crystal. It enhances psychic abilities & increases one’s capacity to visualise. Can show the patterns that have created illness and help to release them, amplifying healing thoughts and prayers. This crystal draws you along your spiritual path, but in a fun, magical way. It alleviates stress and is said to lower blood pressure.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph (chain not included). Approx 4cm long (40mm)  X 2.3cm wide (23mm).




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