This is a lovely piece of Shamanic Dreamstone. Each piece is unique and all hold absolutely beautiful, expansive energy.

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The tell tale sign of a polished Shamanic Dreamstone is its domed appearance and the almost 3D or magnified appearance of the inclusions within it. Once we start to gaze into a Shamanic Dreamstone, we can get lost in its magic and beauty. These crystals are a great scrying or divination  tool and work brilliantly if we’re trying to trigger lucid dreaming.

Shamans have used these Dreamstones throughout history to enable them to journey into the other worlds, to bring about visionary or healing experiences and to guide them during sleep.

Shamanic Dreamstones are also great visualisation and manifestation tools. They can take our vibrations higher, which enables us to connect & communicate with the Spirit world and enhances our psychic gifts. We can use them for past life recall, hypnosis or any healing modality that takes us into the Beta brainwave state, such as meditation and META EFT work.

I love how gentle these crystals are when we carry them, yet how powerful they are when we use them for spiritual purposes. Shamanic Dreamstones draw in loving, heart based energy that strengthens and stabilises our emotions so we can work on our spiritual growth. Often when old wounds are brought to the surface, we struggle to look at those wounds as they affect our emotions so deeply. Shamanic Dreamstones allow us the space to examine and process wounds and lead us in the right direction to heal or release those wounds.

Approx 2.8cm (28mm) long x 2.3cm (23mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Please check sizing carefully as some of these pieces are small/pocket size and some are much larger.


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