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I am delighted to stock these gorgeous, high quality, pure crystal bracelets. Serendipity Crystals Bracelets is now run by an older couple who are retired & work from home. They are the most beautiful people with Joan being an amazing healer who has worked with crystals for many years and her hubby, Chris, who is the divine masculine creative drive & maker. Both work with the highest energies and integrity. They only use the best quality crystals, often sourcing more expensive beads in order to maintain the quality and energy of their jewellery.

Serendipity Crystals Bracelets are made using ‘plastic elastic’, which is effectively a form of fishing wire. It is therefore incredibly flexible, strong and stretches, but rarely breaks so there won’t be any incidents of crystals bouncing all over the floor. I’ve even caught my bracelet on a door knob several times and walked a few paces, only to be pinged back to unhook it! If there is ever any size or damage issues from general wear & tear, Chris is always on hand with a fix and has a really fast turn around. He also makes all of our EMF protecting Shungite bracelets Here.

We prefer to source our own beads & make the bracelets from scratch as a) it gives Chris & his lovely wife a small income in retirement, b) we can offer a custom, personalised service and c) we can control the quality & energy of the crystals & elastic to ensure they are always the best on the market. Most bracelets are made with rubber elastic, which frays over time. Serendipity Crystals Bracelets will last many many years rather than fall apart after six months wear as the elastic has degraded. If the plastic elastic we use isn’t tugged or pulled (always roll the bracelet on & off the hand rather than pulling it wider to get it on), these lovely bracelets remain the same size, never stretching over time like most on the market.

This bracelet is for easing the pain from inflammatory diseases such as Arthritis and Rheumatism and inflammatory pain within the body in general (for example, the gut). The cost is higher than the other Serendipity Bracelets as both of these minerals are AAA Grade and the beads are a lot more expensive than the majority of other, genuine crystals.

The Chrysocolla is natural, Australian Chrysocolla, which is a little paler than the bright, Peruvian blue/green we usually see. This is because genuine, natural Chrysocolla beads tend to be dyed and many on the market are fakes made in China. Either of these lesser or dyed substitutes a) don’t have the required energy to ease pain and b) leave bright green dye on the wrist if they get wet or our skin is hot/damp. The Malachite is the best in the World, sourced from Zambia.

This bracelet absorbs negative energy and pollutants from the body and amplifies Positive Energy. Malachite and Chrysocolla have a high vibrational energy combined with Chrysocolla representing the feminine and Malachite representing the masculine. Both of these stunning minerals are powerful cleansers for our mind and emotions, allowing us to release feelings such as anger, grief, rage and the negative thoughts that accompany them. This combination of energies is also beneficial for Alzheimers, bone disease, swollen joints, fractures and muscle spasms.

Serendipity Crystals Bracelets comfortably fit most wrists. However, as these items are hand made, they can be made to order if you have a particularly large or small wrist. Please drop me a line via the feedback form if you have any custom make requirements or pop a note in the ‘comment’s box when checking out. If a bracelet is out of stock, again, please drop me a line with your wrist measurement and we’ll make one up for you asap. Thank you.

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