This is a beautiful Seraphinite pendant set in thick Sterling Silver. It has the most gorgeous patterning that shimmers and shines under the light and a really Earthy, connected energy ~ which balances perfectly with the beautiful span of angel wing on the front of piece.

Seraphinite was named after the Seraphim, the highest order of angels who attend the throne of God. The silvery/white lines shimmer through the dark green and look like the wings of angels. This beautiful stone connects us to the Angelic and Spirit realms, but also to the elementals and nature spirits. Seraphinite opens the gateways of communication between us and external entities. It is a powerful cleanser of energetic blockages, pulling our chakras into alignment, which can feel a bit disorientating at first, following by a lovely peaceful feeling. It is the stone of well-being, health, wholeness and nurturing and self love. It also connects us to the power of the divine goddess and female energies. It is excellent for cellular regeneration, so a great stone to use when recuperating from illness. It is also said to be good for our immune system as it aids detoxification and supports our heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Approx 3.9cm (39mm) long X 1.7cm (17mm) wide. You will receive the pendant in the photograph.


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