This is a stunning piece of natural Satya Mani Quartz. I absolutely love the energy of this particular quartz. It helps me to really connect to the inner wisdom of my Higher Self. Each of these pieces is rough, straight out of the ground and has a really high energy ~ which is probably a given, but this particular batch is nicer than any I’ve come across in quite a few years now.

Satya Mani Quartz is said to stimulate our heart, higher heart, third eye and crown chakras. On a physical level, it helps with issues of the heart, circulatory system, nervous system and lymphatic system. Spiritually, Satya Mani Quartz attunes us to our path of destiny, showing us the way forward. A stone of truth, inspiring us to make our outer life an expression of devotion, love and kindness both to ourselves and others. Aids sparkling clear awareness, non-judgement and compassion. Also a stone of creative manifestation, helping us to hold a clear vision & intention of our dreams.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.2cm (32mm) long X 2.0cm (20mm) wide.


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