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Ruby in Fuschite Heart – Item D


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This is a gorgeous, AAA Grade (high quality) piece of Ruby in Fuschite that has been carved into a beautiful heart. The energy of these pieces is simply stunning. It’s one of those blends that soothes or stimulates, depending on what we need at the time. These pieces feel really soft, tactile and sparkly to the touch.

Ruby in Fuschite is said to be good for the circulatory system, sexual dysfunction, physical energy and it eases nerves. It’s a good stone to use when recovering from illness.  Ruby in Fuschite is a base and heart chakra stone, providing motivation with stability. It is said to clear old emotional energy and draw in positive, loving, fresh energy in it’s place. Ruby in Fuschite aids spiritual awareness and growth. It is excellent for healers as it amplifies our own energy field and allows us to hear intuitive information clearly. Great for anyone practising spiritual or healing methods or simply walking a spiritual path as it is so cleansing, refreshing and supportive.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.5cm (35mm) long x 3.2cm (32mm) wide.

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