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Ruby & Albite – RARE – Item E


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This piece is a beautiful combination of Ruby & Albite. I find the Ruby so stimulating for the lower chakras, making me move & take action, whilst the Albite brings everything into clear focus. I feel like I can do things with this stone, face fears, push forward………its like it provides determination and courage, but from the inside out. Love it 🙂

Ruby is great for the circulatory system, blood disorders, sexual dysfunction, providing energy & strength. It fills one with life force, courage, sensuality and enthusiasm. It is a talisman for passion, protection and prosperity. Its not always passion of the sexual kind either – Ruby stimulates us to take action in whatever area of life we feel passionate about. Its an excellent stone for public speakers for example – most would go for a blue crystal for the throat chakra, but if you’re confident in communication and would simply like to get your passion for something across, Ruby is fantastic.

Albite encourages us to flow with relationships and situations. It is said to be the stone of Resolute Action. It seems to provide a strong emotional energy, which brings strength, clarity, determination, stability….everything we need to have a clear heart and head.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 2cm (20mm) long X 2cm (20mm) wide.

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