This is a brand new form of Quartz from Brazil that is absolutely incredible. It has been named Root of Lemurian Quartz ~ Code Keeper of Freedom. Each piece is unique with a variety of etchings and codings on them. This Quartz emanates light, the energy is absolutely incredible! These pieces are extremely difficult to get hold of as there isn’t a lot of this mineral around – they have to mine deeply and a lot of these crystals are completely crushed by the weight of the rock/other crystals that often grow on top of them. So to find pieces that can be handled (ie. aren’t sharp/shattered too much) is difficult.

Please click here to read my informative blog on Root of Lemurian Quartz and below are the words that accompanied this new Quartz from a local Shaman:

‘Code Keeper of Freedom is a unique quartz from Corinto, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Brazilian people call this Quartz ‘the Root of Lemurian’ because it is the mother Quartz from which all Lemurian Quartz is said to grow. These are true Master Crystals with an extremely high vibration. Their surface is full of etchings and codings, but the inside of this Quartz is crystal clear, symbolising our Soul, our purity. These crystals have only recently been discovered as we are now ready to work with the information they contain & wish to release. You will receive personal information that speeds up your development, or information that helps others and Mother Earth. They are multidimensional databases. 

If you hold the Quartz, try placing it against your third eye or lie down with it and place it just above your head. In meditative stillness, just resting with your breath, information should start to flow. The energy flows through the body in waves, freeing us from all structures we are caught in, right down to a cellular level. During this process, this Quartz keeps you grounded, rooted, which is highly unusual for Quartz, but factual nonetheless. 

Code Keeper of Freedom crystals open & activate the Third Eye, Crown and Earth/Soul Star Chakras alongside the Etheric/Cosmic Chakras. They help to raise consciousness and facilitate connection to Source & the Divine. They encourage us to to awaken to our true selves so we can manifest our purpose and birthright. This Quartz in it’s unique form frees us so that we can start to live more from the Divine being we really are. It provides higher awareness and makes enlightened living possible for all on Earth. Code Keeper of Freedom crystals open the enlightened mind and can cause a shift in vibration on both personal and planetary levels. They provide deep, holistic, spiritual healing. 

These are real Ascension crystals that have been found at this time, in order to support us & Mother Earth in raising our vibrations and consciousness to the highest level and create the world on Earth that we desire, full of Light, Love and Oneness with all that is.’ 

Approx 10.8cm (108mm) long x 3.8cm (38mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. I have a no questions asked returns policy, so if this quartz is too strong for you or doesn’t resonate, please do return it for a full refund. Please also check sizing carefully as some of these pieces are large chunks, whilst other are smaller, more of a hand held size. Thank you 🙂


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