This is a unique & beautiful AAA Grade Rainbow Moonstone & Blue Topaz pendant set in thick Sterling Silver. These are made by a master jeweller who sells a lot of his work in Glastonbury (only I don’t add on a ridiculous ‘Glasto’ price tag!). These pieces are absolutely stunning! I instantly felt like I was wrapped in the energy of connection to the Goddess and Arch Angel Michael’s cloak of protection.

Each individual gemstone in this pendant is perfect! There is shimmering, blue flash on almost see through pieces of AAA Grade Rainbow Moonstone and crystal clear clarity in the Blue Topaz.

If you’re looking for something that balances masculine & feminine energies during times of spiritual transformation, where you want to be fully open and receptive to enjoying the magic of walking your path, but still like to feel protected, then these pieces are perfect 🙂 Oh…..and you’ll also be working with Angelic energies with these pendants, no doubt about that!

If you’d like to read my blog on Moonstone, please Click Here.  Moonstone is known as the ‘Women’s Stone’ as it balances and promotes health with hormones, PMT, monthly cycles, pregnancy, breast feeding, childbirth and menopause. Moonstone gently draws in feminine energies and opens up our intuitive gifts. It is perfect for conception and fertility

Blue Topaz is a stone of communication, stimulating the creative thinking process and helping us to verbalize our thoughts. It promotes truth, forgiveness, openness and honesty. Blue Topaz can assist in bringing our body, mind and spirit into harmony. It can help speed up our spiritual development if we have felt blocked and support us in rising to challenges or getting around obstacles with a lot less stress, drama and confusion. It is an excellent stone for meditation and can facilitate visionary experiences.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph (chain not included). Approx 2.9cm long (29mm) X 2.0cm wide (20mm).




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