Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster ~ Item E ~ Record Keeper


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This is a gorgeous cluster of Rainbow Aura Quartz. It’s like a scene or view of a foreign landscape with a main point in the middle that is an extremely rare Record Keeper! It is super druzy and incredibly sparkly, which is hard to capture in a photo. The flash washes out some of the colour in the photo, so all of these clusters are brighter, shinier and more jaw dropping in person. To read more about any special attributes, please Click Here.

If you would like to read my informative blog on Aura Quartzes, please click here.

This crystal is top grade Brazilian quartz that has been permanently bonded with a layer of atoms of Titanium. The colour will never fade or come off.

Rainbow Aura Quartz can send a frission of energy through all chakras, stimulating and clearing blocks. It helps physically to bring in extra energy and vitality. It encourages humour, relaxation and enjoyment of life. If you’ve been feeling down or miserable lately, this crystal will bring much needed laughter and light heartedness. It is also a fantastic crystal to use when working with the inner child as it encourages us to be playful and have fun.

Approx 6.5cm (65cm) long X 3cm (30mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Apologies for the slightly higher postage. All aura quartz clusters must be posted in a box to protect them. If your parcel arrives and has cost under £3 in postage, please contact me for an immediate refund of the difference. Thank you.




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