This is a lovely, polished slice of the recently discovered, Prairie Tanzanite. These pieces are quite thick so could be made into a pendant and are perfect for laying on the body where there is physical disease based on unhealed emotional wounds ~ I love the depth of energy, colour and patterning ~ they feel absolutely blissful sipped into a pocket as a worry stone 🙂

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On a physical level, Prairie Tanzanite is said to soothe the nervous system, phobias, fear, anxiety, stress and emotional overwhelm.  It is a fantastic mood lifter and stabiliser, lifting feelings of depression, loss, grief and apathy.  On a spiritual level, Prairie Tanzanite aids us in working with our inner child & higher self to develop a strong, spiritual connection. It can even trigger us into a phase of spiritual exploration and growth. On an emotional level, it is absolutely excellent for easing and balancing our emotions, bringing us calmly back into ourselves so we can express our feelings in a calm and clear way. Prairie Tanzanite helps us to gain control if we’re triggered into a reaction or a feeling of being overwhelmed. It supports us in controlling our need to be defensive or to turn on ourselves in forms of self sabotage. Prairie Tanzanite clears foggy or confused thinking, so we can make confident decisions based on our intuition & feelings rather than take orders from an egoic or wounded subconscious mind. It brings us back into the calm, wise, adult side of ourselves.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4cm (40mm) long X 1.9cm (19mm) wide.