Although Plancheite has been around for a long time, it only now seems to be coming to the fore to be used metaphysically. It is a rare and beautiful crystal to work with. I could only source a limited amount of pieces as it comes around once or twice a year if we’re lucky, but is crazy expensive! To have found natural, straight as it comes out of the ground pieces that are raw is amazing……..and at such a great price too!

These photos are not enhanced in any way. The crystal really is that colour 🙂

On a physical level, Plancheite is said to ease the pain and inflammation of joint problems as well as heal ailments of the throat and tonsils. It connects us to higher energies and information. Plancheite heightens intuition and aids using the mind for positive thinking and analysing. It allows us to come at things from different perspectives, which brings us greater understanding of people and situations. Plancheite aids those who have trouble communicating effectively (either too forceful OR too shy) and strengthens the nervous system.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3.9cm (39mm) long X 2.6cm (26mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this mineral has to be posted in a box to protect it. If your parcel arrives and has cost under £3 to post, please contact me for an immediate refund on the postage costs. Thank you 🙂



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