This is a stunning cabachon of Pinolite set in thick Sterling Silver. It is the first set of jewellery I’ve seen to be made from this gorgeous, new stone.

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On a physical level, Pinolite is said to soothe the nervous system, calming down any over active (ie stressed) areas of the body. If you hold your nerves in your stomach, chest, head or muscles on any level, you might feel the energy of this mineral pass through like a wave, easing any tension as it goes. It is a great stone for insomnia as it soothes the emotional, physical AND mental systems.

The Magnesite (white) element of Pinolite is said to be good for teeth and bone growth, so this is a great stone to carry when healing from broken bones!  It also has a detoxifying effect, particularly on a physical level. I felt the urge to drink more water, eat healthier and was generally made more aware of looking after & nourishing my physical body when working with it. Several people have reported the same feeling, so I would say Pinolite is helpful when trying to lose weight or start a new exercise regime.  The Dolomite (black) element of Pinolite is said to be helpful with reproductive system disorders, PMS/PMT, hormones and menopause.

On a spiritual level, this is a lovely stone to use if you just want to hold one whilst meditating, reading or lying down to rest. It is a good stone to provide grounding and protection whilst doing visualisation or manifestation work. It is said to aid psychic development as it makes us feel ‘safe’ enough to open up and let go! This element can be applied in any area of life.

Pinolite also encourages love ~ both of ourself and others. It helps us to love the parts of ourselves that we are neglecting at any given time.  This little black & white stone can make us feel safe when opening up the heart chakra, particularly if we’ve been hurt or betrayed in the past. I love how it bucks the trend of mainly pink/green stones working in the heart area 🙂

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 4.0cm (40mm) long X 2.0cm (20mm) wide.



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