This is a gorgeous, polished Freeform shaped chunk of Pink Tourmaline & Lepidolite in Quartz. The Quartz simply amplifies and expands the energy of the other two minerals. These freeforms are large hand held or slightly bigger than hand held sized pieces that pack one heck of a heart opening energy. This mineral is so rare, these are the only pieces left that contain both of these beautiful minerals together.

If you’d like to read my informative blog on this beautiful blend, please Click Here.

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of balance and calm. Emotionally, it helps bring emotional balance and helps open up, relax, and detach from personal pain. Pink Tourmaline brings abundance and is also a stone of passion, bringing passionate energy and love. Physically, pink tourmaline balances the body’s electrochemical system, strengthens immune system, heals backaches, and reproductive system disorders, detoxifies the blood, assists with recovery, and eases the effects of radiation.

Lepidolite is excellent at divining root causes of emotional issues. This crystal is FANTASTIC for depression, ADHD and any matters of mental or emotional anquish. It is not the prettiest of crystals, but its energy with regard to alleviating depression is unbeatable in the mineral kingdom. Lepidolite relieves allergies, strengthens immune system, relieves mental & emotional exhaustion. It is good for ADHD, bi-polar disorder and mood swings. Contains lithium and is THE stone to soothe depression & despondency.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 5.7cm (57mm) long X 4.0cm (40mm) wide. Apologies for the higher postage, but these are heavy chunks. If your parcel arrives and has cost under £5 to post, please contact me for an immediate refund on the postage difference. I do not wish to earn anything on postage, but can’t risk not charging enough either as it depends on whether other items are ordered at the same time etc.


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