Pink Tourmaline ~ Polished ~ Item C


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These are beautifully polished, extremely juicy, little pieces of Pink Tourmaline. Each piece is unique and would feel sublime slipped into a bra over the heart, a pocket or pillowcase. They have a lovely energy and the different hues of dark pink can be seen within these A grade crystals with lots of gemminess, some of which when held up to the light is absolutely stunning!

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of balance and calm. Emotionally, it helps bring emotional balance and helps open up, relax, and detach from personal pain. Pink Tourmaline brings abundance and is also a stone of passion, bringing passionate energy and love. Physically, pink tourmaline balances the body’s electrochemical system, strengthens immune system, heals backaches, and reproductive system disorders, detoxifies the blood, assists with recovery, and eases the effects of radiation. I LOVE THIS GEMSTONE *grin*

Approx measurements: Length 2.1cm (21mm) X Width 1.5cm (15mm). You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Please check sizing carefully as this is an extremely expensive crystal that comes in small pieces.


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