This is a beautiful piece of Pink Botswana Agate. This is my current comfort stone of choice. It is so blissful, like receiving a crystalline hug. It keeps my emotions grounded and stable and allows me to see when the ego mind or my inner child might be running the show. It brings me back into myself, into my emotions and provides a soothing balance during times of change.

Botswana Agate  allows us to let go of old emotions & cutting ties to the past. If you wanted to do some cutting ties exercises, this is the crystal to use to keep everything focused, calm and balanced. It alleviates emotional upset, allowing it to simply melt away. Botswana Agate encourages us to explore the unknown & find deeper meaning in life.  It is a very soothing, calming crystal that aids creativity, stability, balance and a calm, strong centre. It is also the recommended stone for those trying to work through and release addictive patterns, particularly smoking.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 3cm (30mm) long X 1.8cm (18mm) wide.


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