This is a stunning, incredibly rare piece of Pink Amethyst.  It’s just over half a geode and crammed with gorgeous crystals inside and sit’s perfectly in the hand. The energy of these pieces literally expands my heart chakra energy instantly. I find this energy so beautiful, so connective to Divine Love and the love within us, it brings tears to my eyes.

These pieces are the highest quality Pink Amethyst I’ve seen and are straight out of the mine in Brazil ~ to date there is only one location where this mineral has been found. Apologies for the ridiculously high price. I’ve not added on the VAT as a discount, but this mineral is new, in short supply and is therefore crazy expensive. If they find any more, the price will come down, but so far there have been a few areas of geode pockets located, but none found since. These pieces are either part of a smaller geode or part of the wall of a larger geode and they are chunky, heavier pieces because of that.

Amethyst, by it’s very definition, is purple quartz. However, the miners have labelled this new find of ‘Amethyst’ as Pink Amethyst in order to distinguish the difference between it and the vivid purple we are used to seeing. This Pink Amethyst was found in small geode pockets in a mine of regular, purple Amethyst. This mineral hasn’t been tested yet so it could be a new type of pink quartz, we’re uncertain as of now, but it has been named Pink Amethyst so am using the name it’s commonly become known as. The ‘Pink’ form of Amethyst ranges in colour from deep pink through to a very pale pinky/lilac. They are calling it Lavender Amethyst, but it is all coming from the same source.  My supplier is currently waiting on the results of mineral tests.

Pink Amethyst differs from purple in that it has all of the same attributes, but adds in the energy of love, self love, comfort and support. Think of it as combining Amethyst and Rose Quartz together in one crystal, so there is spiritual growth and development alongside emotional balance and support. The energy is so beautiful, all I can feel is LOVE the minute I connect to it. It’s very dreamy and romantic feeling, but with strength underneath.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.5cm (65mm) long x 5.5cm (55mm) wide. Apologies for the slightly higher postage, but this piece must be sent in a box to protect it.




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