Phenacite is a crazy expensive, tiny little crystal that truly does what it says on the tin and packs a punch! The crystals listed in the online shop are the best possible quality available at the most cost effective price.

I was able to journey Shamanically (with a qualified practitioner), just by placing a piece of this crystal on my third eye. It instantly took me deep inside myself and was a fairly mind blowing experience. I’d only use this crystal if you’ve worked with crystals for awhile and be sure to ground yourself and eat something afterwards to bring all your energies back down to Earth again.

Phenacite stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras. When working with Phenacite and the upper chakras, only work on one chakra per session or things can get a little spaced out and ungrounded. Phenacite opens us up to visionary intuition, connecting to higher realms & spiritual dimensions. It aids the download of spiritual information and aligns us with our Higher Self. Phenacite deepens meditation and our connection to other stones and people. It’s a truly powerful, spiritual development crystal and I have a no questions asked refund policy if it proves too much ~ or for some people, they feel nothing at all and wonder what all the fuss is about as we all respond differently to crystals. It’s not a crystal I’d carry around with me ~ I’d use it more purposefully, during meditation, spiritual development work, crystal therapies, astral travel, journeying, when reading tarot cards etc. It’s an energy to step in and out of because if you’re truly impacted by Phenacite, it’s not a crystal to carry around all day ~ I’d be off with the faeries!

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Please check the sizing carefully as Phenacite crystals are tiny ~ but you don’t need much! 1.8cm (18mm) long X 1.3cm (13mm) wide.


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