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Paraiba Kyanite Cluster – RARE – Item U


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This is an absolutely stunning cluster of the rare Paraiba Kyanite. This particular Kyanite is only found in the Paraiba River Region in Brazil. These chunks are simply gorgeous, straight as they come out of the ground. The energy is truly remarkable ~ like taking a deep breath of the clearest, cleanest, freshest air.

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Paraiba Kyanite is said to ease stress, aid clarity of mind and clear vision, soothes the nervous system & eases the symptoms of both nervous disorders as well as auto immune disorders. Paraiba Kyanite is a stone of clarity, truth, having the courage to speak our truth and be seen as we truly are. It is quite a protective mineral and excellent at balancing the energies of the masculine and feminine within us.

Approx size 5.7cm (57mm) long x 3.8cm (38mm) wide. You will receive the crystal in the photograph.

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