This is a stunning, expertly faceted pendant in the new Paraiba Aura Quartz. It is set in thick Sterling Silver. The colour and flash on all of these pendants is outstanding ~ the facet allows the light to play through the quartz, shimmering and sparkling as it goes.

Paraiba Aura Quartz is a turquoise colour blue ~ an obvious, different blue to Aqua Aura as there is a hint of green in this beautiful stone. It works primarily on the Higher Heart chakra, but we may feel it in any chakra where we have been unable to give or receive love. For example, if our Solar Plexus chakra has issues, then we may feel uncomfortable receiving compliments about our ‘Self’, so Paraiba Aura will attempt to heighten the vibration in that area of the body, so we can open up and receive more ~ or at least understand why we struggle to do so.

On a physical level, Paraiba Aura Quartz is said to ease nervous system disorders, stress, anxiety and it supports us in achieving or maintaining a healthy immune system. This particular aura has appeared at exactly the right time to support us in opening up our etheric Higher Heart Chakra. It is here that we set our intention to connect to Divine, Universal love, where DNA and cellular change takes place, where our karma is balanced and we let go of fear. It aids us in trusting our own heart and that of the divine and surrendering to the flow of the Universe.

Paraiba Aura is extremely high in vibration, connecting us to the consciousness of Ascended Masters and the wonderful emotions of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and surrender. This beautiful stone aligns our spiritual energy body with our physical energy body, so if we pay close attention to our body, it will confirm what we are receiving intuitively. A fantastic energetic integration tool to ease us into a higher state of being. I find it vibrant and blissful at the same time 😉

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You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 1.1cm (11mm) long x 1.1cm (11mm) wide.



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