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Owyhee Opal Rough – RARE – Item A

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This is a stunning piece of Owyhee Opal, rough, straight as it comes out of the ground. The energy is so soothing and works in a really subtle way. Most of these pieces are large, hand held sized chunks, so please check sizing carefully. There aren’t any smaller pieces as it destroys too much of the Opal to break them down in rough form. Smaller pieces can be found in polished form if they can be found at all as there isn’t much of this lovely Opal on the market right now.

Owyhee Opal is said to stabilise the metabolism, ease stress & anxiety and calm us down physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s an excellent mineral to work with if you’re using breath work at all. For example, when am overwhelmed and need to take 3 deep breaths into my stomach to centre myself and ensure I’m present, holding this lovely Opal in my hand aids that in happening in a comforting, solidifying, grounding sort of way. Owyhee Opal is a mineral that sparks the imagination & increases inspiration. It is said to bring mental clarity for visualisation, assist in memory recall and clears the mind so creative inspiration can flow from a passionate heart. In a nutshell, Owyhee Opal brings our heart and mind together so we can combine the energies to create the life we wish to lead.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 6.0cm (60mm) long X 5.7cm (57mm) wide.

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