This is a gorgeous Orange Calcite sphere that is gemstone quality ~ the colour is a solid, deep, vibrant orange with hardly any white calcite at all. The energy is magnificent! Such a vibrant, uplifting and happy stone 🙂 Please excuse the round, white circle on the top of the photos ~ it’s merely a reflection of a light above.

Calcite is such a common mineral, I think a lot of people dismiss it because it hasn’t got bells and whistles. However, I have it all over the house as it is one of the most gentle, supportive, cleansing crystals in the mineral kingdom.  Please Click Here for my informative blog on Calcite.

Orange Calcite releases patterns set by emotional or sexual abuse, balances energy systems and is good for the pancreas.  It teaches us the right use of power for our own and others Highest Good. Excellent for stomach problems due to nerves, fear or digestion/IBS type ailments. Orange Calcite is said to ease depression and alleviates disease of the reproductive systems, including IBS. Its vibrant energy boosts metabolism.  This crystal is extremely uplifting, joyful & positive. It brings enjoyment, laughter and energy – excellent for those suffering from SAD or depression.For confidence, courage and creativity. I have t-light candle holders in this crystal that we light in Winter to keep the blues away and energise the room.

Approx 5.5cm (55mm) long X 5.5cm (55mm) wide and comes with the stand. You will receive the crystal in the photograph. We’ve charged the higher rate of postage for this item as it’s heavy, but will issue an immediate refund for any overpayment (if there is any) once postage cost is confirmed by the post office.


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