Nzuri Moyo is an unusual crystal found only in Namibia, Africa. It jumped out at me recently and brought such instant soothing to my emotional and nervous system, I know it is a stone that has come forth to help us with all the energy that is around now. These are lovely, chunky little polished pieces that could be wired into jewellery, laid on the body or slipped into a pocket ~ each piece is unique in it’s colour and patterning. Some have super gemmy streaks in them and some may be small enough to slip into a roomy bra (please check sizing carefully).

If you would like to read my informative blog on Nzuri Moyo, please Click Here.

Nzuri Moyo eases pain, inflammation, swelling and joint problems on a physical level. It is also said to bolster our immune system. I feel it more on the emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum however. It seems to clear the mind, bringing the ability to focus. Particularly if emotions have recently been stimulated or heightened. It soothed my heart, eased the nervous system, cleared my head and I found I was able to work on quite a high level spiritually, just from keeping Nzuri Moyo in my pocket. It is unusual for such an earth connected, heart based stone to open up to such high spiritual energy too. This doesn’t feel like a high vibration stone, it feels very earthy and supportive…..but how it works on our heart/mind then frees us up to work at a higher vibrational level.

You will receive the crystal in the photograph. Approx 4.4cm long (44mm) X 3.0cm wide (30mm).



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