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I am delighted to launch the new NJOY pure crystal bracelets. NJOY jewellery is created by a mother and daughter whom work from home. They are the most beautiful ladies, both very spiritual, both healers and so work with the highest energies and integrity. They only use the best quality crystals, often sourcing more expensive beads in order to maintain the quality and energy of their jewellery. The bracelets are made using ‘plastic elastic’, which is effectively a form of fishing wire. It is therefore incredibly flexible, strong and stretches, but does not break so there won’t be any incidents of crystals bouncing all over the floor. I’ve even caught my bracelet several times and walked a few paces, only to be pinged back to unhook it! Quality 🙂

The Health & Healing range of bracelets have been created to energetically support us when we are going through challenges. They cover a great range of issues such as grief, depression, menopause, fertility & conception, angelic energies, creativity, love & romance and arthritis to name but a few. This bracelet is for ABUNDANCE, LUCK & MANIFESTATION and has been created using the following crystals:

Jade ~ Green & Yellow

It is believed to bring good luck, health, wealth & friendship. Beneficial for happiness, love & longevity. Brings balance, justice, modesty, courage, wisdom & compassion. Helps you reach your dreams, goals & ideas. It is a symbol of purity and serenity & increases love & nurturing. Good for the skin,hair,lymphatic system, bones, joints & viral infections & eye disorders. Good for emotional balance, confidence & grounding.


Helps us focus on who we are as a unique & separate individuals. It can brings us joy & abundance & is used as a prosperity talisman. Helps with wealth & success & promotes self-esteem. Good for digestive problems, menstrual cycles & helps us reduce fatigue. It helps overcomes depression, discouragement & fears while enabling us to think clearly & communicate effectively.

Tigers  Eye

Good for intuition, courage, new beginnings, absent/distant healing & sharpening the mind. Beneficial for mental balance, vitality & balancing the emotions. Brings wealth & helps fear,worry,depression & turmoil. Good for the eyes, throat, digestive disorders & broken bones.


Brings good luck & a happy home. Good for change & new beginnings. Good for PMT & promotes a youthful appearance. This is a soothing stone and brings calm & peace of mind, It provides deep emotional healing & encourages clear-sighted and open-minded understanding of emotional trauma. It holds the ancient energies of the female archetype.

Each bracelet comes in a gorgeous organza pouch, with a scroll tied with ribbon, that details full information about each crystal as above.

The bracelets comfortably fits most wrists, but as these items are hand made, they can be made to order if you have a particularly large or small wrist. Please write a comment in the relevant box during the check out process.

Bracelets of particular crystals can also be made to order if you would like a certain combination, please just drop me a line 🙂


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