This is a rough, natural point of natural Nirvana Quartz with a rare pink hue to it.  These natural points have been capped in thick Sterling Silver, making these pendants incredibly rare, unique and unusual pieces of jewellery I haven’t seen much jewellery in Nirvana Quartz before given it’s rarity.

Please bear in mind that these crystals are a very unusual type of quartz, so do not come crystal clear or smooth given what they are. They are pieces of Quartz that have been dragged along by glaciers over the years so these are about energy rather than looks. These pieces came from the Himalayas and are really tactile points, straight out of the ground and are covered in etchings and growth patterns that are fascinating, given the glacial affect on them.

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Nirvana Quartz aids perseverance and is said to attune us to the potential of all that we can be. It brings any patterns, fears or blocks gently to the surface so we may examine what needs to be healed or released in order that we may attain spiritual growth. It is a fantastic meditation & channelling tool.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 2.7cm (27mm) long x 1.5cm (15mm) wide.



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