This is an absolutely stunning pair of natural Tanzanite earrings set in thick Sterling Silver. The stones have been beautifully polished to catch the light. There is the most gorgeous depth in their colour and the energy feels very organic and vibrant.

Please note that Natural, NON TREATED Tanzanite is extortionately expensive so to find such an unusual pendant at this price, with this energy, is amazing! The colour of the pendant leans more towards purple than blue and is a bit darker than in the pic (the light from the flash washes some of the colour out).

Tanzanite powerfully opens us for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connection and all aspects of communication and psychic power. It provides protection and allows for manifestation. It is also said to relieve depression. Tanzanite is known to both dispel and transmute negativity and provides safety and protection during all activities. Tanzanite is also excellent if you can’t decide between what our heart tells us to do and what our head tells us to do – it aids decision making and taking action.

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Approx 1cm long (10mm) X 0.9cm wide (9mm).


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