Natural Citrine Polished Point Pendant ~ RARE ~ Item D


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This is a gorgeous, rare natural point of Citrine from the Congo that has been capped in thick Sterling Silver. It has a gorgeous colour, is highly polished, extremely clear and the energy is simply beautiful.

The clarity, sparkle, rainbows glistening within and energy literally made my mouth water. Am so grateful my supplier gave me a discount or this pendant would’ve been over £100! There are some slight nicks in the crystal on the rear side of one of the faces ~ however, these were present when the crystal was given to the jeweller. He decided to leave them rather than shave off layers of crystal in an effort to make things perfectly smooth. I agreed as it would change the composition of the crystal and I’m a lover of imperfection in pieces of crystal, artwork, anything really 😉 I have a no questions asked refund policy, so am always clear about any slight faults (even if I don’t really see them as one) to ensure transparency and am happy to take any item as a return.

Please Click Here to read my informative blog on Citrine.

Citrine is the crystal of joy, abundance and prosperity. It brings you what you need, not necessarily what you want 🙂 It combats exhaustion, making it an excellent crystal for ME/CFS. It is also excellent for self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and strength of will. A true solar plexus crystal. 

Approx 3.5cm (35mm) high X 0.7cm (7mm) wide. You will receive the pendant in the photograph.




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