Natural Blue Topaz Pendant ~ Item C


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This is a stunning little faceted pendant of Natural Blue Topaz. The majority of Blue Topaz in the market is heat treated or enhanced to make it more blue. The highest grade Blue Topaz is naturally still a sky blue, but the AAA pieces that are rare and made into jewellery are darker than the rough/polished pieces sold for holistic or collector purposes. It’s hard to capture the true colour of Blue Topaz. Some pieces are a deeper colour than in the photograph, others are such an ethereal, pale blue that you can only see the true colour light up once the crystal is placed against a white background. This is the first find of natural Blue Topaz in quite some time and I’m delighted to have obtained rough, polished and jewellery set pieces at such a reasonable price, given it’s rarity. The energy is simply beautiful 🙂

Blue Topaz is a stone of communication, stimulating the creative thinking process and helping us to verbalize our thoughts. It promotes truth, forgiveness, openness and honesty. Blue Topaz can assist in bringing our body, mind and spirit into harmony. It can help speed up our spiritual development if we have felt blocked and support us in rising to challenges or getting around obstacles with a lot less stress, drama and confusion. It is an excellent stone for meditation and can facilitate visionary experiences.

You will receive the pendant in the photograph. Approx 3.2cm (32mm) long X 0.9cm (9mm) wide.


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