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Natural Blue Amber – RARE – Item G


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This is a lovely piece of genuine, natural Blue Amber. This form of Amber is very rare and ridiculously expensive, but it’s absolutely fascinating at the same time. Look at it under the light one way and it looks the usual, darker gold colour of Amber. Move it just slightly and the colour turns blue. The energy is pretty cool too 🙂 Incredibly hard to photograph however, so these pieces are far more impressive in person than in the photo. These are all decent sized pieces, similar to medium sized tumblestones.

Amber is said to amplify healing energy so although it isn’t a crystal, the fact that its fossilised tree resin that is millions of year’s old makes it amazing. It is said to have general healing energy that soothes and supports. Blue Amber is fossilized tree resin from prehistoric Hymenaea Protera trees and is said to be very uplifting, allowing us to face life’s challenges with a more positive, joyful outlook.

Approx 2.7cm (27mm) long X 1.9cm (19mm) wide – you will receive the crystal in the photograph.


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