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Natural AA Grade Citrine – Cabachon Earrings

This is an absolutely stunning pair of Natural Citrine earrings set in thick Sterling Silver. It is AA Grade, gemstone quality but with sparkly inclusions. When a crystal is faceted, those facets reflect light through it. When a crystal is polished however, there needs to be little sparkly inclusions within it in order to make it shine and reflect light. These pieces look and feel absolutely gorgeous and it’s nice to be able to offer polished (cabachon) Natural Citrine jewellery as most tends to be faceted.  These are thick gemstones too 🙂

I saw the pieces of Natural Citrine that these stones were cut from and it was absolutely gorgeous (from the Congo) ~ so clear and vibrant! It almost seemed a shame to commission these beautiful pieces. It is really difficult to obtain high quality, Natural Citrine jewellery as it’s so much easier and cheaper for jewellers to heat treat Amethyst, which turns a golden colour and is then sold as ‘Citrine’.

The energy of these pieces is sublime and they are set in thick Sterling Silver. They sparkle, shimmer and have an amazing, uplifting, joyful energy. It makes me smile just to hold them 🙂

Citrine is the crystal of joy, abundance and prosperity. It brings you what you need, not necessarily what you want 🙂 It combats exhaustion, making it an excellent crystal for ME/CFS. It is also excellent for self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and strength of will. A true solar plexus crystal. Please Click Here to read my informative blog on Citrine.

You will receive the earrings in the photograph. Approx stone size cm (mm) long X cm (mm) wide.

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